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Campaign Management Strategy

Once we get on the same page with your goals, we research the industry, competitors in the space, and desired audience. This helps us advise you properly in which digital marketing services to focus on. We do not to waste your time and money recommending services you do not need.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has many uses specific to what the goal of your business is. Whether you have no knowledge of social presence or don’t have the time to run your own social media accounts, we can help you. First, we need to evaluate what the purpose of your social media channels will be. Are you:

■ Looking to grow your business’ awareness online?
■ Trying to turn your following into targeted leads for conversions?
■ Educating people on your products, services, or cause?
■ Maintaining your company or brand’s reputation?
■ Providing a point of contact for your customers or clients to reach you?
■ Networking or getting involved with a specific community?

Our social media agency will create, schedule, and monitor your postings on the proper channels. We provide analytics and reporting at your desired interval – weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

Adwords – PPC Campaign Management

Our certified Google AdWords Managers earned specializations in:

■ AdWords Search
■ AdWords Google Shop
■ Google Analytics
■ Digital Sales
■ Mobile Site Optimization
■ Display Advertising
■ Video (YouTube & more) Advertising
■ Mobile Advertising
■ Google Maps

Our strategy gets the most out of your budget while increasing return on investment. Analytics and Reporting are always provided.

Content Marketing

Content marketing will set your brand above the rest and even help you acquire a customer at the lowest cost possible.We create content from videos and photos to website text and blog script. Need a demo or explainer video? Gil Ventures takes care of the script writing and voice over for you!

Email Marketing Funnels

Email marketing is useful for:

■ Growing your loyal fan and customer base
■ Providing updates on industry and company information
■ Educating an audience and offering value
■ Converting first time leads
■ Creating repeat buyers from your loyal customers

Gil Ventures creates email marketing campaigns from landing page to email template design for potential customers in all stages of the buying process.

Influencer Marketing

Increase your product or service’s awareness from influencers who share the same audience members. Not only does this give your brand a growing reputation, but you also enjoy the benefits of additional content, testimonials, and the opportunity for an influencer’s credibility to convert a purchase. “Learn more on how to become an influencer by clicking here 

Reach More Customers Effectively

Find the most valuable customers for your success in the right places and for the lowest cost. The lower your cost to acquire a customer, the higher your return on investment will be.

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